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"How We Get 50 Prospects For Real Estate Agents Every Single Month With Consistency Using Facebook!"
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  • Defining What Type Of Leads You Want
  • The Secret Power Of Facebook Lead Gen
  • Simple Facebooks Ads On Autopilot
A consistent flow of prospects who actually want to sell or buy a home with you, every single month.

Ding! Ding! Ding! This is the exact sound our clients hear when they recieve a new prospect directly in their inbox from us.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a consistent flow of prospects who are either willing to buy or sell a home.

How would that changed your business if you knew that you had a consistent flow of prospects coming straight to your inbox?

Most lead generation companies sell your leads to 3 or more different agents at the same time. The prospects we generate belong to you and you only!

If you’ve purchased leads before from any of the platforms out there, you probably know that your lead was also resold to 3 or more individual agents or companies at the same time.

This is something that we have no tolerance for and every single prospect that is generated in our campaigns belongs only to the client we work with.

That means you don’t have to worry about competition stealing your prospects and you are free to do whatever you desire with the prospect.

We qualify the prospect to a certain extent by gathering information about their future sale or purchase which helps increase the success rate in closing the prospect.

So you're probably wondering what does that mean?

Let me explain, most lead generation companies out there provide you with a name, email, telephone number and send you on your way.

Before you receive the prospect information from us, we have sent them through a survey/questionnaire to extract all the necessary details of purchasing or selling a home that you as the real estate company need to make the initial call run as smooth as possible.

No more relying on referrals or old advertising/marketing techniques that are overpriced and cannot be measured.

Most real estate companies live or die by referrals. We are not saying to stop doing referrals, referrals are one of the best prospects to work with. What we are saying is there is no predictability with referrals and it is not scalable.

Have you used any of the following for your business: Radio, Newspapers, Billboards...etc.

If so, let me ask you did you get any results? Could you see how many people saw it? Could you measure how many people took the call to action? Probably not.

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